Who We Are?  
SASA Foundation works towards achieving economic and social justice for women and the poor at local and national levels.

The Foundation operates in Tanzania mainly and currently is working in the Northern Zone in four Regions namely Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Manyara and Tanga with active projects in an area occupied by the Maasai, Meru and Chagga people. The communities in the area are rich in culture and traditions, but some of their cultural and traditional practices particularly Maasai and those of other ethnic groups in the area, contribute to the oppression of women.

In the Maasai community, women are categorized as children. Their freedom is restricted in every sphere of life as they have no decision-making power in the family or the community. As a result, women are handicapped in mobility, access to education, information, technology and health services, not to mention viable commercial transactions.

The SASA Foundation is opening the eyes of these communities about the untapped resource they have: their women.